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Photo of the Salmon Falls Lodge
Photo of the Salmon Falls Lodge
Photo of the Salmon Falls Lodge
Photo of the Salmon Falls Lodge

Description of Salmon Falls Lodge: Completed in 1987, this finest of Alaska resorts caters to the ardent sport fisherman who demands peak performance and total comfort. Salmon Falls Resort is centrally located in Alaska's most productive salt-and-freshwater sport fishing region along the Inside Passage. With a top of the line fleet of cabin cruisers, Misty Fjords flight seeing tours, fly-out fishing, excellent lodging, and a first class restaurant, Salmon Falls Resort is Ketchikan's premier fishing lodge.

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Traveler Reviews of Salmon Falls Lodge

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Salmon river resort

We did a tour of this place off Princess cruise ship. A tour on a boat ,they served us smoked salmon on crackers and beverage . After ,we went to the restaurant on the grounds for hot chocolate or coffee , up the hill was a little gift shop and cabins. I said some day I want to stay here and rent the cabin and fish for a few days . Can someone tell me is this place still the same and make my dream come true ?

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Salmon Falls Lodge Contact Information

Salmon Falls Lodge

Address of Salmon Falls Lodge
16707 North Tongass Highway PO Box 5700,
Ketchikan, Alaska
USA, 99901
Phone of Salmon Falls Lodge
(907) 225-2752
Website of Salmon Falls Lodge
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